productions / seasons / 2020 - 2021 / Nobody Goes to Moscow

Nobody Goes to Moscow

The family gathers in a Zoom call for a birthday celebration
adapted by:
Christina Pumariega and Jennifer Joan Thompson, with the ensemble

video editing by Alive Inc. and Emily Wallace

Three sisters in a podunk one-light town. They've got to get to Moscow… sound familiar? But this time, there’s a global pandemic. What happens when a thousand hopes and dreams get twisted and compressed in quarantine? Will they ever get vaccinated? Will they ever get the Moscow? The ensemble hijacks Chekhov’s masterpiece on a wild, digital ride...

Thursday, April 22nd at 7pm EDT
Friday, April 23rd at 7pm EDT
Saturday, April 24th at 2pm EDT 

Cast (in order of appearance)

Olga … Susset Tamayo
Irina … Noga Even
Baron Tuzenbach … Ruijie Mao
Masha … Rachel Mira Meierovich
Ivan Romanich Chebutykin … Connor Benson
Solyony … Susset Tamayo
Anfisa … Noga Even
Ferapont … Noga Even
Aleksander Vershinin…Emily Wallace
Andrey … Bryn Faulkner
Fyodor Kulygin … Emily Wallace
Natasha Ivanovna … Connor Benson

Creative Team

Director … Jennifer Joan Thompson
Stage Manager … Devi Bass
Production Manager / Technical Director … Cat Johnson
Playwright … Christina Pumariega
Alive Inc. Project Manager … Alex Basco Koch
Alive Inc. Lead Editor … Douglas Rizzo Johnson
Ensemble Editor … Emily Wallace