Transfer Credit

Penn has an online external course approval tool (XCAT) that allows students to request Theatre Arts equivalency for courses taken outside of Penn, including credit away, transfer credit, and study abroad credit. It is the student’s responsibility to make the request for transfer credits through XCAT. Theatre Arts will make credit decisions and the College Office will authorize the Registrar's office to post course units to student transcripts--all of this can be accomplished online.

Requests for credit away should be made before the course is taken and students should have their transcripts sent to the College Office in 120 Claudia Cohen Hall.  Study abroad requests may be submitted before, during, or after the course is taken but no later than the fifth week during the full semester after returning to Penn. Transfer credit application should be made after admission to Penn.

In Spring 2022 XCAT 1.0 will be replaced by a new version, XCAT 2.0. Before submitting a request, please check the College website for up-to-date information on using XCAT and request credit:

If you have further questions about Theatre Arts credit, contact the Theatre Arts program director.

If you have questions about the XCAT system, contact Dr. Tanya Jung  (