Welcome to the Theatre Arts Major

The Theatre Arts major is designed to provide students with a broad-based education in theatre. The major consists of thirteen courses—seven required classes and six electives—and one production practicum. Students will graduate with a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Theatre Arts upon completion of the major.

To declare the Theatre Arts major, contact Theatre Arts Program Director, Dr. Rosemary Malague.


Theatre Arts as a Double Major

Many students at Penn choose to double major. For theatre students, English, cinema studies, and communications are popular choices, in part because many classes “double-count,” meaning one class will fulfill a requirement for two majors (acting, playwriting, and courses in dramatic literature are only a few of many examples).

Other theatre students successfully pursue a second major outside of the arts. Theatre  majors have “doubled” with fields such as biology, anthropology, economics, French, and sociology--some majors are even enrolled in Wharton or the School of Engineering. With planning and hard work, almost any combination is possible.