Welcome to the Theatre Arts Major

The Theatre Arts major is designed to provide students with a broad-based education in theatre. The major consists of thirteen courses—seven required classes and six electives—and one production practicum. Students will graduate with a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Theatre Arts upon completion of the major.

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Theatre Arts as a Double Major

Many students at Penn choose to double major. For theatre students, English, cinema studies, and communications are popular choices, in part because many classes “double-count,” meaning one class will fulfill a requirement for two majors (acting, playwriting, and courses in dramatic literature are only a few of many examples).

Other theatre students successfully pursue a second major outside of the arts. Theatre  majors have “doubled” with fields such as biology, anthropology, economics, French, and sociology--some majors are even enrolled in Wharton or the School of Engineering. With planning and hard work, almost any combination is possible.

The Theatre Arts Minor

The basic requirement for the Theatre Arts minor is six course units (c.u.): three academic (drawn from theatrical literature, theory, or history); and three practice-based (such as acting, directing, or design).

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