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Look/Alive production photo
photo credit:
Michael Marfione

A Penn Humanties Forum Co-Sponsored Event, presented as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, 2011

September 15-17  7:30pm

Devised collaboratively by the company of six actors, director Cary Mazer, and their theatrical colleagues in Philadelphia, Look/Alive uses narration and movement to retell myths, fairy tales and folktales from Ovid, Grimm, Anderson and others, about avatars, statues, echoes, mirrors, reflections, and demonic possession, all of which depict the seductive danger of images. Wii players fall in love with their avatars; a puppeteer wishes his marionettes could come to life; a sculptor falls in love with his statue; a nymph fails to capture the attention of her beloved when she can only verbally mirror his words; a young man falls in love with his own reflection; a witch sucks her victims into a mirror; and an over-protective mother, succumbing to a voice echoing inside of her, kills her step-son, only to discover that his essence, protected by the spirit of his late mother, has returned to take his revenge.