Practicum Requirement

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The importance of practical work for students of theatre cannot be overstated. To this end, Theatre Arts students are required to work in a technical capacity on at least one production--not connected to a class credit--to complete the major. The practicum requirement will be fulfilled when a student completes at least fifteen hours of work on a Theatre Arts Program production in any one of a number of possible areas. (See opportunities.) The function of the practicum is to expose students to the many areas of production involved in staging a theatrical work, with appropriate supervision by Theatre Arts faculty and staff personnel. In this way, all Theatre Arts students contribute meaningfully and practically to the production process which makes our projects possible.


The practicum requirement is administered by the Theatre Arts Technical Director.  Production positions will be assigned through consultation with the technical director, production manager and the director of the production, all of whom will determine whether the requirement has been successfully fulfilled at the end of the process.


The following rules apply to all practicum positions and are considered the ground rules for completing positions successfully:

  • All positions require attendance at load-in and strike; if a student has an unavoidable conflict he or she must notify the production manager at least two weeks in advance. Attendance at production meetings is often required; students who have committed to running crew positions must also be present at all tech rehearsals and performances. Non-emergency, unexcused absences will mean forfeiture of the practicum for the project in question.

  • Those wishing to apply for an Honors Thesis in Directing will be required to hold at least one position in stage management for a Theatre Arts faculty member on a Theatre Arts mainstage production prior to application.

  • Important Note: Production work conducted for Theatre Arts 130 or 350 does not fulfill the practicum requirement for the degree.

  • Students planning to study abroad for a semester should plan their practicum position in advance of leaving for study abroad. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure he or she has a position lined up prior to leaving.

  • Positions completed for the class project associated with THAR 130 may not be counted towards the practicum requirement. Acting roles may not be used for practicum credit.