Practicum Requirement

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Why a Practicum?

Practical work for students of theatre is imperative to the deep understanding of theatre-making. To facilitate this learning and complete the major, students are required to work in a technical capacity on at least one Theatre Arts production. Under the mentorship of Theatre Arts faculty and staff, students experience a practical introduction to the many areas of production involved in staging a theatrical work.

The goal of the practicum is two-fold. One, the student gains technical skills and can demonstrate their ability to fill an introductory technical role in a theatre company. Two, the student fulfills the needs of productions, making our projects possible. These intersecting goals teach students the integral role technical personnel play in any project.

Each production has its own unique needs; therefore, practicum opportunities vary show to show. Some common practicums include scenic construction and artistry, lighting electrician, wardrobe (show crew), stagehand (show crew), and props artisan.

How to Request a Practicum

The practicum requirement is administered by the Theatre Technical and Production Coordinator. (Email Cat Johnson at to inquire about upcoming opportunities.) Practicum positions will be assigned through consultation with the production manager, director of the production, and any relevant designers, all of whom will determine whether the requirement has been successfully fulfilled at the end of the process. 

Practicum and other production roles are filled in advance. Students must seek opportunities during the semester prior to the semester the student would like to complete their practicum. Students planning to study abroad for a semester should fulfill or plan their practicum in advance of their departure. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure they have a position lined up prior to leaving.


·       All positions require attendance at strike. Strike is the removal of all production related costumes, sets, lights and equipment from the theatre and properly storing or disposing of them. If a student has an unavoidable conflict with the strike date and time, they must notify the production manager at least two weeks in advance, and schedule strike-related assistance post-production.

·       Students who have committed to show crew positions must also be present at all tech rehearsals and performances. Non-emergency, unexcused absences will mean forfeiture of the practicum credit for the project in question.

·       Student can expect to spend 30 to 40 hours completing the projects, goals, and responsibilities of their practicum.