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THEATRE, HIST & CULTR 1: From Classical Greece to the European Enlightenment

THAR 101.301

TR 0130PM-0300PM
This course investigates the history of theatre practice in Europe and Asia from Fifth-Century Athens to roughly the end of the Eighteenth Century. In addition to analyzing major dramatic works, this course examines the evolution of production methods -scenography, acting, costuming, theatre architecture - across cultures and at key socio-historical moments. Readings will be drawn from historical research, theoretical writings, and contemporary social documents. A particular focus will be on the integral role that the theatre plays as a cultural institution in the ongoing civic life of major cities, including Athens, Rome, London, Paris, and Heian-kyo (Kyoto). The course approaches theatre as broadly interdisciplinary and examines its intersection with religious practice, political developments, national identity, geography, the visual arts and the urban landscape.
Arts & Letters Sector (all classes)
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