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THAR 170.301

3:30pm-6:30pm M

This course is to assist professional and student actors through a detailed series of exercises designed by Kristin Linklater to free, develop and strengthen the voice.  To teach a method by which an individual may liberate his or her natural voice, integrate the voice with the entire "actor's instrument," and enable the individual to communicate the full range of human emotion and thought.  The exercises upon which I draw will guide the actor through a detailed progression of relaxation, physical awareness, breath awareness, alignment of the spine, resonance, range and articulation.  We will explore how the voice works and why the voice does not work, and what is the difference between an individual and his or her voice.  Partnered with this voice work are group and individual exercises designed to stimulate and develop the imagination, physical awareness, sensory awareness, creativity and the capacity for ensemble work.