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Opportunities On & Around Campus

Student Performing Arts Organizations

Theatre Arts Council (TAC-e)

The Theatre Arts Council (abbreviated and often referred to as TAC-e) is one of the four subcommittees under the Performing Arts Council (PAC).  PAC is an umbrella organization that helps to organize 40+ student performing arts groups. Each TAC-e group is made up of an administrative board that runs their auditions, production staffs, and manages each show they produce (normally between 2 and 4 each academic year).  Every TAC-e show has a unique cast and production staff and students are welcome to work with as many or as few groups as they like. 

All seven groups have a unique mission, though their styles or genres do overlap sometimes. Missions are based on cultural and ethnic relevance, social relevance, dedication to community service, experimental forms of expression, student vs. professional direction, Penn traditions and history, target audience, and more. These missions guide show choice and the overall culture of each group and are not meant as exclusionary boundaries. Visit each group's website (available here) in order to learn more about each group's mission and culture as well as what shows and events they will be producing this year.

All seven TAC-e groups participate in one collaborative production each school year: the One Acts Festival. One Acts is a collection of short one act plays organized in between fall and spring semesters and performed in late January or early February. This production provides great opportunities to experience Penn student theatre as an audience member or for any student to try a new aspect of theatre themselves, either in the spotlight or behind the scenes.


Academic/Professional Opportunities & Resources

The following  are links to external websites which may be of interest to students:

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. For information on a number of participating cultural organizations in the Philadelphia area.

Penn Presents. For information on the performing arts season at the Annenberg Center on Penn's campus. Student Rush Tickets are available for many productions.

Platt Student Performing Arts House. Website for the facility and organizations associated with student performing arts at Penn.

Student Performing Arts PAC Shop. A useful website with a variety of technical theater resources created and maintained by Peter Whinnery and the staff of the PAC Shop.

Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. For information on local theatre productions, employment opportunities and the Barrymore Awards program.

Theatre Communications Group. Publishers of ARTSEARCH, American Theatre Magazine and TCG Bulletin.


Resources for the student considering a theatre major or minor:

Below are some pages that discuss the advantages of being a theatre major from an employment perspective:>: im=country&idim=country:US&ifdim=country&hl=en&dl=en&ind=false&q=us+unemployment+rate>.