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Presenting the Arts: Theatre Management

THAR 285.001

Wednesday 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

So you want to be a producer. But what does it take to run a theatre company? Or to get a show to Broadway? This course gives students an in-depth look at the business of making art. Theatre management is more than budgeting and HR. The theatre manager is responsible for shaping our interactions with theatre and creating relationships between artists, audiences, and the larger community. This course looks at the role of the theater manager as a driving force in the American theatrical landscape. We will cover practical topics like grant writing, budgeting, and board management, as well as big picture topics like the relationship between commercial and not for profit theatre, how theatre shapes communities, and how technology changes the role art plays in our lives. The course features visits by leading theatre managers and thinkers from Philadelphia and New York.