Photo by Louisa Shepard

Recasting Orson Welles' War of the Worlds

Penn students adapted the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast as part of a unique undergraduate course. They listened and discussed their recording during the last sesson of the class, taught by Bruce Lenthall of History and Rosemary Malague of Theatre Arts.

From Penn News:

In a unique class that combined history and theatre, a 79-year-old radio broadcast became surprisingly relevant to 12 University of Pennsylvania students.

Orson Welles was just about the age of the students when his Mercury Theater company adapted the H.G. Wells 19th-century science fiction novel War of the Worlds about a Martian invasion of earth in a live radio broadcast. Some listeners thought it was real and panicked.

While studying the 1930s, the Penn class created their own adaptation of the first 40 minutes of Welles’ broadcast with the students cast as writers, actors and sound technicians.

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